The Clyde kitchen prides itself on cooking something for everyone.

Daily meal deals

Daily meal deals

clyde meal deal monday
clyde meal deal tuesday
Wed 15.90 steaks
clyde meal deal thursday
Fri $10.50 fish and chips

Nibbles and Shares

Vegetarian Spring Rolls


4 large home-made big boys, soy sauce (v, vegan)

Prawn Spring Rolls


5 home-made smaller boys, sweet & sour dipping sauce

Asian Bites


dim sims, samosas, spring rolls, chili soy sauce



8 Japanese dumplings: 8 prawn and 8 veggie, or half-half (v), vegan available

Chicken Satay


4 skewers, peanut sauce, rice, salad, vegan available with tofu

Clyde-style Poutine


thick-cut pub chips, cheese, bacon, gravy

Garlic Bread


homemade, fresh from the oven (v)

Clyder Sliders


mini burgers. choose 2 beef or 2 mushroom or half-half (v), vegan available

Clyde Sausage Rolls


6 homemade mini sausage rolls, salsa, baked to order – so leave plenty of time!

Off-Lygon Italian Meatballs


polpette, napoli sauce, parmesan, salad, crusty bread, gf available



corn chips, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, refried beans, jalapeños (v/gf)

Our world-famous Wedgachos


seasoned wedges, traditional nacho toppings (v)

Onion Rings


lightly battered, quick-fried, aioli (v)

Golden Potato Gems


“tater tot” fried bites, garlic aioli (v), vegan available

Seasoned Potato Wedges


crispy wedges, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce (v), vegan available

Big ol' Bowl of Chips


thick-cut pub chips, garlic aioli (v/gf), vegan available

Eggplant and Zucchini Chips


giant hand-cut fingers in lightly spiced batter, aioli (v/gf) vegan available

Shoestring Fries


crispy american-style fries, garlic aioli (v), vegan available

Sweet Potato Fries


thin-cut, spicy aioli (v), vegan available

Burgerish things

All items on this menu come with chips



bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli, cheese (add chicken +$4)

Steak Sandwich


scotch fillet steak, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, caramelised onion

Tandoori Chicken Wrap


spiced fillet, garlic yoghurt, red onion, lettuce, tomato

Falafel Wrap


chickpea patties, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, tzatziki, fetta (v), vegan available

Beef Burger


pattie, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, caramelised onion

Chicken Burger


breast fillet, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, spanish onion

Portabello Mushroom Burger


grilled mushroom, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, caramelised onion. (v), vegan available

Lamb Souvlaki


crispy lamb, lettuce, tomato, red onion, garlic yoghurt

Wild Barramundi Burger


tempura battered fillet with spicy coleslaw

Cola-glazed Brisket Burger


juicy brisket, battered onion rings, lettuce, tomato, cola glaze (gf)

Vegie Quesadilla


sautéed spinach, mushrooms and onion, cheese, napoli (on side: salsa, guacamole) (v) vegan available

Chicken Quesadilla


cajun chicken, jalapeños, refried beans, cheese (on side: salsa, sour cream, guacamole)

Something Bigger

All Steaks/Schnitzels/Parmas come with chips + salad OR mash + steamed veggies OR kipfler + sautéed veggies

250g sirloin steak


with your choice of sauce: creamy mushroom, peppercorn, traditional gravy, garlic butter, aioli, tartare (gf without sauce)

350g Rump Steak


with your choice of sauce: creamy mushroom, peppercorn, traditional gravy, garlic butter, aioli, tartare (gf no sauce)

Big BBQ Meat Platter


ask the crew what’s on offer today, gf available

Vietnamese-style Chicken


grilled thigh, chili, honey, five spices, rice or noodles

Beer Battered Flathead Tails


traditional pub fish and chips, salad, tartare sauce

Salt & Pepper Squid


lightly dusted fillets, chips, salad, garlic aioli (gf available) Main $18.90

Crispy Skin Salmon


fillet, wasabi mash, bok choy, miso butter (gf)

Chicken Schnitzel


with a choice of sauce

the Legendary Clyde Chicken Parma


Chicken Mexigiana


classic parma with a jalapeño kick

Chicken Hawaii-agiana


classic parma with a tangy pineapple punch

Smoked Tofu Noodle Salad


soy fillets, chili, spice mix with vermicelli noodles (v/gf/vegan)

Salade Niçoise


tuna, olives, kipfler potatoes, anchovies, lettuce, tomato, egg, beans (gf)

Caesar Salad


lettuce, croutons, egg, bacon, parmesan cheese, anchovy dressing (add chicken fillet +$4) gf available

Mushroom Penne


shitake and portobello mushrooms (v/vg) gf available

Pork Schnitzel


with a choice of sauce

Pork Parma


make it mexican or hawaiian +$1

Eggplant Parma





parma, spicy salami, olives, roast capsicum (pork + $2)



parma, pork sausage, bacon, bbq sauce (pork + $2)

Bangers & Mash


two pork and fennel sausages, creamy mash, caramelised onion, peas, gravy

Traditional Greek Moussaka


eggplant and lamb bake, garden salad, crusty bread

Veggie Lasagna


cheesey vegetable pasta bake, salad, crusty bread (v)

Chickpea Shakshuka


north African chickpea stew, fluffy rice (vg/gf)

After Hours Eats

All day dining on Friday and weekends. Hot and cold nibbles always available.


We also make pretty decent coffee (we are in Carlton after all), so drop in whenever you feel like an espresso/cafe latte/cappucino etc!

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